VSB Interships and CoOps

Quick rundown of the external education opportunities at VSB and how to gain the tools necessary to find and obtain one of these opportunities.


Finding My Major/Myself

Last thursday, I took the journey to the Career Center over at Garey Hall to visit with a career counselor. I made this journey less to get a sense of what career choice I could make, but more to determine what major within the business school would best suit my interests. However, I did not expect the journey to consist of taking an Interest Test which would provide me with 14 pages all about how my interests could relate to a possible career and major.

I took the Interest Inventory Profile Test on thursday after a brief talk with a Career Counselor about where I wanted to go with my life. In the test, there were 200+ questions about my interests, personality traits, and possible careers I would want to pursue. I was told to come back on monday to “dissect” my results, and boy, did we have to dissect them to the T. The 14-page report that I received on monday had everything from identifying my specific interests to comparing my interests to those in different occupations to my personal work styles and so on. The information extends online at http://www.onetonline.org, and one could spend hours on end discovering all the different careers for possible personalities.

I believe that this was one of the best events/meetings I could have done early in my college career. Before you start being completely engrossed in clubs, you must figure out if you truly will like that club. I knew I wanted to major in some sort of business, but I had no clear idea of why or what type of business. By visiting a Career Counselor and dissecting my personal interests, I was able to discover more about myself and more about possible majors that I would enjoy. Furthermore, I can now find different organizations around campus which suit my interests and likes. I would suggest this activity to anyone with even a hint of doubt about what they want to major in. At the worst, it’ll give you more insight on yourself and assure that you’re on the right track.